Volunteer for Pride 2020

Interested to volunteer at Pride on the Day 2020?
We’d love to try to accommodate you!

Please do the following email volunteer@capetownpride.org with subject line: “Volunteer” – or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for your convenience 🙂 

  • First Name 

  • Surname

  • Email address

  • Mobile number

  • Expected time of arrival

You will then automatically receive further details on where to go.

To be a Cape Town Pride volunteer you must be 18 or over (or a consent form from your parents) and will need to:

  1. Bring ID 

  2. Have photo taken

  3. Agree to our Volunteer Terms & Conditions.

  4. Be ready for a brilliant Pride Festival

We will provide on the day training, and allocate you to roles available. We reserve the right the accept or decline volunteers.

– The Volunteer Management Team